Unit 7: Geography, Climate, & Human Cities

Unit Description 

The distribution of human populations and use of resources over time has been largely influenced by the Earth’s geography and climate. At the same time, the decisions humans make about where to live and how they use the Earth’s resources has and will continue to have significant impact on the Earth’s climate and geography. In this unit students will investigate simulators and develop models to learn about a wide range of surface processes that resulted in the endless variety of landforms we see on Earth today, and consider how changes in the Earth’s surface features that may take place - whether due to climate change or other factors - can influence the migration of human populations in the future.

Unit Essential Questions

How has the geography and climate of our Earth influenced where humans live?

What is causing climate change, and how might it influence where humans live in the future?

Key Lab Components

Create a 3D Topographic Map

Modeling Greenhouse Effect

Climate Change Inquiry Lab