Unit 5: Weather

Unit Description 

Since the time of their early existence, humans have migrated to regions of the Earth that offer climates favorable to their survival and have planned to persevere extreme weather events. In this unit, students will observe models and analyze data to learn how the interplay between atmospheric variables such as temperature, air pressure, and moisture leads to the typical and sometimes extreme weather events that humans’ experience. Analyzing weather data to make predictions is a key part of this unit and students’ understanding of how weather patterns can help us predict future weather events.

Unit Essential Questions

Rain today and sunshine tomorrow -- what causes the weather we experience day-to-day?

How can we use our knowledge of weather in the past to predict weather in the future? 

How has climate influenced human migration throughout the Earth's history?

Key Lab Components

Modeling Movement of AIr Within the Troposphere

Modeling Cloud Formation

Modeling the Coriolis Effect