Unit 2: Earth’s Interior & Plate Tectonics

Unit Description 

Examining the relationship between the Earth’s interior and exterior systems is a key part of understanding how the Earth has developed over its history. In Unit 2 students will begin to make these connections as they gather evidence to develop a model of the Earth’s interior, its internal processes, and resulting continental plate movements. Understanding the Earth’s internal structure and processes will allow students to investigate the formation of surface features such as young mountains and volcanoes. Students will continue developing the skill of writing scientific explanations using a claim, evidence, and reasoning framework when they assemble evidence from the unit to make a claim about the structure of the Earth’s interior.

Unit Essential Questions

How do observations above the Earth’s surface paint a picture of what’s going on deep within?

Where do mountains and volcanoes come from?

Key Lab Components

Modeling S & P Waves

Modeling Convection Currents